WordPress šablona Twenty Fourteen a problém s českými fonty

Po instalaci WordPressu s novou šablonou Twenty Fourteen jsem narazil na problém, že se slova s diakritikou zobrazovaly špatně. Na vině je v šabloně použitý font Lato, který nepodporuje rozšířenou latinku (Latin Extended), což je pro správné zobrazování češtiny třeba.

Twenty Fourteen s fontem Lato Twenty Fourteen s fontem Open Sans

Aby vše fungovalo jak má, je nutné nahradit tento font jiným, Latin Extended podporujícím. Já se po krátkém průzkumu rozhodl pro Open Sans, který je dostupný přes Google Fonts.

K tomu stačilo jen dle návodu How to Create a WordPress Child Theme vytvořit “podtéma”, které přejímá všechny vlastnosti originálního Twenty Fourteen (takže budoucí aktualizace nebudou mít na úpravu vliv), toto nainstalovat do WordPressu, a bylo hotovo.

Issue with killing the Kayran in The Witcher 2

While playing one of the best RPG of nowadays The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (version 2.1) I’ve hit an interesting issue.

I was fighting the Kayran and chopped of all smaller tentacles, but when I’ve jumped on the big tentacle and the QTE has started (that part where you need to push button fast to climb) and when the bar was full, I’ve expected the bridge to come down, but nothing happened. I’ve fallen down anyway. I had to do the whole exercise over again and again.

This note in forum helped me to find the root cause. It looks like to be a bug – a frame rate issue. After lowering resolution to 1024×768 everything worked smooth.
NOTE: Your game resolution, not your monitor resolution.

Problems with Batman: Arkham Asylum

I understand that game developers need to protect their piece of work against pirates, etc. However, I am sorry, but I can’t accept if I spend my money on buying original version of the game that I will spend more than one day just by trying to make it run!?! Exactly this happened with my PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

To make it clear, I am running Windows 7 SP1 Professional 64bit on Intel i5 CPU with 4 GB RAM and nVidia GeForce 310M graphics card. And following steps helped me to make my game running.
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Ryan Singer: Designing from start to finish

Very interesting presentation from WebExpo Prague 2010 on designing and development of web applications. It was this what made me to buy my first Moleskine notebook.

UI design involves more than wireframes, Photoshop and HTML. Ryan will demonstrate how UI design runs through an entire project from initial concept and modeling to sketches, HTML mockups, and final running code.
Rather than teaching ideas in the abstract, Ryan will share his design process live in real time by building an actual project. Attendees to this session will get a hands-on feeling for how design happens at 37signals.
More at webexpo.net/​talk/​designing-from-start-to-finish/​

Notes from presentation of Ryan Singer: Designing from start to finish