Cannot sign-in to Nokia Account via Nokia Suite

I could connect to my account from the phone (Nokia C7) and I could also reach my account on internet, but I was not able to sign-in to my account in Nokia Suite.

Nokia Suite connects to the server and For these servers, SSL 3 was disabled on October 15th 2014. As of today, these servers require TLS 1.0. Nokia Suite does not use TLS 1.0 but only SSL 3, because Nokia Suite uses the QT framework 4.7.4. Up to that version, the QtNetwork class QSslSocket used SSL 3 and not TLS 1.0 as default protocol.

Issue can be resolved by replacing a DLL file:

  1. exit the Nokia Suite via right-click in (bottom, left) Windows Notification Area (system tray)
  2. download this modified version of ssleay32.dll (local copy for a case it would get deleted
  3. replace this file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Suite\

Source: Nokia Support Discussions

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